Research Topics


Precise Point Positioning

  • A GNSS augmentation to increase positional accuracy to cm-dm-level through measurement processing.
  • Development of high-performance multi-constellation, multi-frequency professional-grade GNSS hardware processing to achieve real-time, near-instantaneous cm-level positioning.
  • Application of high-performance algorithms and processing to mass-market GNSS hardware and applications.


Sensor Fusion

  • GNSS-centric solutions to increase PNT performance: accuracy, precision, availability, integrity and resilience.
  • Application of high-performance algorithms - software solutions, to enhance performance of low-cost sensors.
  • Examples include GNSS + PPP augmentation + IMU, and GNSS + PPP augmentation + chip-scale atomic clock (CSAC).
  • The application of this research is targeted towards challenging environments with consumer-grade sensors for automation applications.

                          PPP + IMU integration


GNSS Receivers

  • Design and development of software-defined radio (SDR) GNSS signal acquisition and tracking algorithms for teaching and research purposes.
  • Research in weak GNSS signal acquisition and efficient signal tracking algorithms.
  • Application of SDR algorithms on Field-Programmable, Gate Arrays (FPGAs) for high-speed, real-time, reconfigurable applications.



  • GNSS-reflectometry (GNSS-R) makes use of GNSS signal returns from the Earth’s surface to estimate geophysical parameters, such as sea surface wind speed/direction.
  • Research in the use of GNSS-R for land surface soil moisture estimation.


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